Possible Configurations

Configurable Gain

Default Gain Configuration: The default gain in the first stage amplification is set to 50. This value is established to provide a baseline performance in typical use cases.

User-Configurable Gain: To accommodate diverse application scenarios, users have the flexibility to configure the gain according to their specific requirements. This customization is achieved by placing a desired resistance at the designated location, R9.

Gain Formula: The gain (G) is determined by the following formula: G = R9/10k Where:

  • G is the gain of the amplification stage.

  • R9 is the resistance value placed at the configurable location.

  • 10k is the resistance at the inverting input.

    By manipulating the value of R9, users can finely tune the amplification gain to suit the unique demands of their intended application. This level of customization ensures optimal performance and versatility in the amplification process.

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