Bandpass Filters

Bandpass Filters Bandwidth

Default Bandpass Filter Configuration: The bandpass filter is implemented as a 2nd order Butterworth filter, offering a default high pass frequency of 1.6Hz and a default low pass frequency of 48.228Hz. These preset values are selected to cover a wide range of applications effectively.

User-Configurable Low Pass Frequency: For users desiring customization, the bandpass filter allows the adjustment of the low pass frequency. This is accomplished by manipulating the capacitance of C2, a capacitor placed in parallel with C3.

Capacitance Options: To simplify user adjustments, a set of capacitances is provided: 0.5uF, 3nF, 0.2uF, and 0.1uF. Each of these capacitances results in a specific low pass cutoff frequency when combined with C3 in parallel.

  • A capacitance of 0.5uF yields a low pass cutoff frequency of 19.6Hz.

  • A capacitance of 3nF results in a low pass cutoff frequency of 47.52Hz.

  • A capacitance of 0.2uF leads to a low pass cutoff frequency of 27.84Hz.

  • A capacitance of 0.1uF produces a low pass cutoff frequency of 34.10Hz.

The bandpass filter design employs the characteristics of a 2nd order Butterworth filter, ensuring a smooth frequency response within the specified range

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