Bypass Filters

Bypass Option for Direct Data Access: For enhanced flexibility, users have the option to bypass the bandpass filter and access data directly. This bypass feature allows users to streamline their signal processing by circumventing the filtering stage when it is not required for their specific application.

Activation of Bypass: To enable direct data access without bandpass filtering, users can engage the bypass option. This can be achieved through a designated control or switch in the circuit.

Streamlined Signal Path: By choosing to bypass the bandpass filter, users can obtain raw data without undergoing the frequency filtering process. This is particularly useful when a specific application demands unaltered or unfiltered signal information.

Versatile Integration: The bypass capability is designed to seamlessly integrate with the bandpass filter circuit, offering users the flexibility to tailor the signal processing approach based on their unique requirements. Whether opting for the bandpass filter or the direct data path, users can adapt the system to suit the demands of their specific applications.

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